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Drill Bit City: Quality Resharpened Drill Bits at THE LOWEST PRICES!
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Why pay more? Try resharpened drill bits!
Carbide Drill Bits at their best!
Drill Bit City: The highest quality products and services at THE LOWEST PRICE!
If you are into a hobby or if you are a professional technician, this is the place to find the perfect drill bit. You can take advantage of an incredible inventory of over one million carbide drill bits.   

Drill Bit City carries a wide range of small to large tungsten carbide tools like what you would find in a quality hobby store. Each tool; drill bit,
Drill Bit City provides quality new micro, miniature and standard size Carbide drill bits and end mills, Drill Bit Sets, Resharpened Carbide drill bit and New High Speed Steel Drill Bits, Carbide Router Bits, Carbide End Mills, Engraving Tools, Pin Vices, Hobby supply, Knife Blades, and more at great Prices. Perfect for the Printed Circuit Board Industry (PCB), Hobby Store, Wood Worker, Jeweler, Engraver, Technician and Trade School Applications.
router bit and end mill is made of micro grain tungsten carbide. The optimal design with rigid geometry makes our tools extremely durable. These multi-purpose bits can provide solutions for many business such as hobby supply, precision machining, cnc machining, engraving, wood working and (PCB) printed circuit board manufacturing.

For either high or low tech applications, resharpened drill bits and end mills offer the inexpensive solution. Drill Bit City has its own repointing facility with the industry's best repointing and optical equipment. After each drill bit and end mill is resharpend and passes inspection, it is ultra-sonically cleaned for maximum performance.

Located in the mid-West, the family owned and operated Drill Bit City has been providing quality precision resharpened tools since 1993. As a result of competitive pricing, quality resharpening, timely deliveries and personable customer service, Drill Bit City has become a leader as an independent supplier of repointed carbide products.

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